Mara’s ambition to design and create started at a young age, when she studied textile technologies. In her college years she developed her ideas on fashion and styling, completing her knowledge in the masterclass for haute couture.

She has been working as assistant for different stylists to get to know the industry and the way of dealing with every aspect of client’s wishes. Additionally experiences in costume design sharpened her view on how to express a person’s personality.

In her styling work she is applying her creativity and aesthetic vision of fashion to compose appealing images, that were featured in Austrian and international publications.

Her focus in styling lies on the combination of opposing elements and unexpected mixes - she knows how to surprise.


Atlas Magazine, Dreamingless, Wien Live, Freizeit, Nakid Magazine, FAB’L Style, Jute Magazine, Uppers & Downers Mag, Das Meinl, Treasuries, Look!, Active Beauty, Book Moda Italia


Commercials & Lookbooks

Peter Fellner, Humanic, Skrein


Juanita Romero, Isabella Abel, Luise Reichert, Hannah Schwaiger, Sarah Gallaun , Marcella Ruiz Cruz, Philipp Horak, Simone Körner, Sebastian Kapfhammer, Julia Spicker, Vrinda Jelinek, Olga Rubio-Dalmau, Yannik Steer, Patricia Weisskirchner