Emilia Teresa has been interested in Fashion and the image you can create using clothing for as long as she can remember. After testing her way through the fashion industry, working in diverse fields such as assisting photographers, brand development and marketing, she found her true love in the art of fashion styling. Her main strengths lie in her flexibility and teamwork, as well as executing a concept in an efficient, yet well-disposed manner. She continues to grow with the Mad Lions in her hometown Vienna, but places her main emphasis on spreading the philosophy of an international flair throughout her work.

Emilia loves everything gold, glamorous and colorful. Although her favorite brands include Vivienne Westwood and CHANEL, she is an experienced hunter for special off brand vintage pieces. She gets her inspiration from the streets of London, Belgrade and Milan. Emilia is known for her love for detail and constantly lets a personal note flow through her editorial projects.


Book Moda Italia, Stile Magazine, Institute Magazine, Vanity Teen, Schön! Magazine, MaG (Meinl am Graben), Maxima, Look! Magazine Wien, Seitenblicke Magazine, Wiener, loveFMD Magazine, HUF Magazine, Trash Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Wienissimo, WIENER, WOMAN, Vangardis

Celebrities & Artists:

Candy Ken, Dagmar Koller, Melanie Scheriau, Vera Russwurm, Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek, Bettina Assinger, Nicole Beutler, Bianca Schwarzjirg, Silvia Schneider, Eva Poleschinski, Irina Hofer, Petra Wrabetz, Doris Kiefhaber, Doris Felber, Martina Löwe, Marion Pelzel, Sabine Oberhauser, Petra Gregorits, Elisabeth Schaljo, Anja Schuster, Claudia Scheiber-Daublebsky, Andrea Bocan, Yvonne Rueff, Petra Praprotnik, Christina Zurbrügg, Adriana Paler, Lidia Baich, Annika Grill, Astrid Golda, Verena Altenberger, Michael Glantschnig, Nockalm Quintett Vienna Capitals, Johanna Setzer, enjamin Karl and many more!


Austrias Next Topmodel Puls4 x Technoball Stylebible, Lidl Austria/Germany, ROEE, Productive Ideas, Alexandre Allai, SO LCH LD,


Giuseppe Circhetta, Ivan Genasi, Susanne Stemmer, Norbert Kniat, Oliver Gast, Inge Prader, Olga Rubio-Dalmau, Hilde Van Mas, Christopher Klettermayer, Wolf Steiner, Chris Singer, Peter Grillmair, Jürgen Hammerschmidt,  Wolfgang Bohusch, Chris Singer, Oliver Topf, Lukas Spittaler, Marlene Rahmann, Martin MFocus, Roland Rudolph, Christian Benesch, Martin Moravek,