Cait Hill

Cait manages Salzburg's go-to high street nail salon, The Nail & Beauty Bar. She is proud of her positions as CND Education Ambassador and ESSIE Austrian Spokesperson. Cait is a Mastered Alumni and has recently finished her mentorship with nail artist and session icon Marianne Newman. She has just won a major contract with Minx Nails to produce an exclusive signature Nail Wrap worldwide. Cait is often referenced in several major national magazines and online platforms as one of the leading nail experts in Austria.

Photographers and Hair & Make Up Artists:

Lado Alexi, Emmanuel Fradin, Caspar Arnhold, Siegrid Cain, Anthony Hill, Attracta Courtney, Trine Skjoth, Esther Doeppes, Angela Hubmann, David Mallett, John Vial


Rolex, Salzburger Festspiel, Airfield Fashion, Minx Nails


Helena Christensen, Cecilia Bartoli, Caroline Goodall, Hera Lind


Madonna 24, Woman, Wienerin, Nailpro, Look! Wien, Look! Salzburg