Lions are impressive in their appearance, big leaders and majestic - sometimes a bit lazy, but these are not the attributes we want you to focus on. What we want you to envision with us is the family, the lion pack, the pride. A collaboration of creative minds. The people you happily pounce out of bed for in the morning and gladly share the workload with. The mates you trust with your concepts, budgets, and can share honest feedback with. A crew that is committed and wants you to achieve excellence in all your endeavours. This is the foundation that we are based on, that we feel is essential to an effective, winning team. We would be happy to share our philosophy with you.

Emilia Teresa and Mike York created a duo for fashion styling, the Mad Lions, to combine their strengths. Both are leos in their zodiac sign, their taste in styling and fashion is unique and sets them apart. At the end of 2015, they expanded and created the MAD LIONS ARTISTS, adding make up & hair professionals to their board, and are now able to offer a bigger package with the same high standards to their clients. 

MAD LIONS ARTISTS see themselves as a united force of talents, always on the prowl for fresh, innovative projects and greater challenges. They are the team to hire when clients wish to highlight their concept, campaign, or product, no matter how minimalistic or extensive it may be.


                                                         MIKE YORK                                        EMILIA TERESA

                                                         BOOKINGS DIRECTOR                      FASHION DIRECTOR
                                                         0043 676 371 69 19                          0043 664 340 47 37